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icouna for technological investment (S.A.E)

icouna is a booming technology service provider company, specialized in business intelligence solutions and mobile application development. The building blocks of icouna are people forming a science-based team, who owns massive accumulated experience in the required fields. icouna team members have international corporate experience in different fields, and has been in business for more than 20 years, then formed to create icouna using all these years of experiences and success stories.

icouna is run by Agile Scrum methodology, to guarantee team effort utilization and satisfaction. That’s because people are icouna’s backbone, and icouna invests generously in its backbone. Work environment comfortability is a priority in icouna, as the management uses a new methodology with team members that can be summarized in the following quote “if they are happy and comfortable, they will produce, innovate, and offer their best.. willingly”.

icouna has three main business lines in the current scope

Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)

This business line is for digital products, whether it’s a Mobile Application or Web Application. Our team take over the discovery, research, design, development, testing, and updating the digital product through its live cycle from idea to icon, and beyond.

Digital Product Development

Mobile app, online system, or software, we take your idea and process it in our reactor in icouna, from analytics, through market research, development, deployment, until it becomes on the app store ready to download and provide the desired user experience.

icouna Digital Solutions

In this business line we develop our own digital products and solutions, then deploy it to the market. Mainly our analytics team finds market gaps in different industries, icouna takes initiative to fill these gaps with a cutting-edge and reliable digital products.


To achieve accelerated growth rate and become the most emerging digital solutions company in MEA region and to expand with larger international scope of customers.


Offering the most user-centric mobile applications and business intelligence solutions, to add value for our partners and shareholders’ businesses.


  • Science-Driven

icouna’s team does not waste time debating about subjective opinions, but only facts supported by science, articles, or research papers. Our language in icouna is science; we do not guess, do not assume, do not hesitate, instead we KNOW, because we study, read, and use validated references, and accept science even if it contradicts our own subjective opinions.

  • Solution-Focused

Our team focuses on functionality and optimization before -literally- anything else. Customization and tailoring apps and business systems are lifestyle elements in icouna. We do not care if the solution is fancy at the first phase, but we make sure it is a working, result-focused, goal oriented, and providing measurable results. After taking care of the numbers, we dress our digital products to please the eye.

  • Security-Fortress

icouna’s oxygen is data; we breathe and feed on data, and to protect our existence we protect data with all advanced means of security. We never save cost when it comes to data protection and security, and we have team members with long international experience in data security. Our clients and partners’ data is secure and safe in the always upgrading the digital fortress of icouna.

  • Satisfaction

Convenience and customer satisfaction are essential keywords in icouna, and it is not just a word we say. We follow a methodology to ensure it, through transparency, customer feedback, decency, and listening; our team is trained on active listening concept to ensure positive communication. Yes, we breathe on data and talk the language of numbers, but we are not robots, we know how to build a professional and human-centered relationship with our partners.