icouna is one of the most reliable company when it comes to Mobile App Management, as our team treats applications as a living organism in order to give you the best desired business objectives.

We use ALM (All life cycle management), SDLC (Software/System Development Life Cycle) and few other software’s in order to ensure the quality by using the updated techniques.

Most importantly, we use “user micro-moment management” strategy in order to observe and analyze the user behavior. After getting that analytics, we start working on monetization model(s) and after relevant research we choose the best possible type of monetization to gain the maximum profit for our respected partners.


icouna’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) service includes management of the full lifecycle of your mobile applications, from idea to icon. We apply Agile Scrum methodology in ALM, to minimize risks and deliver a measurable value to our clients.


icouna’s ALM solutions starts by implementing full situation analysis, and provides insights regarding dealing with product challenges, automating processes, app configuration, and integration.

Our main objective is to develop the apps in a healthy insightful medium, to fulfill the end-users’ needs. We don’t use subjective justification, but we depend on science, numbers, and analytics. We follow this methodology to reduce errors and increase the accuracy of our deliverable size to the maximum possible point.