Business Intelligence Services

icouna’s business intelligence team is constantly studying the market in different industries to find the opportunities to digitally transform the processes of the industries. Also icouna’s team detects market gaps and pains in industries operating processes, then develop a digital solution to run the processes in the most optimized way. icouna’s business intelligence solutions covers a lot of industries, as we have a standard methodology to address any new industry and reach the tiniest details to be handled in the Business Intelligence product, which can be a mobile app, online system, or a software.

Mobile Application Services

Mobile Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)


From idea to icon. This is our promise in icouna, as we deliver icons that represent high quality mobile applications, filling the market  gaps that keep appearing in a digitally transforming universe!


icouna is science-oriented entity, as icouna’s team receives the idea of our clients, and process it to our reactor phases of discovery, analysis, planning, implementing, and feedback. We do not believe that complexity is difficult, because complexity by definition consists of simple blocks put next to each other. Our team is expert in untangling any complex situation and breaking down the whole into its most simple fundamental building blocks. That’s why we don’t say we are simple, but we know how to make it simple.