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icouna’s business intelligence team is constantly studying the market in different industries to find the opportunities to digitally transform the processes of the industries. Also icouna’s team detects market gaps and pains in industries operating processes, then develop a digital solution to run the processes in the most optimized way. icouna’s business intelligence solutions covers a lot of industries, as we have a standard methodology to address any new industry and reach the tiniest details to be handled in the Business Intelligence product, which can be a mobile app, online system, or a software.

Industries we already covered in icouna are the following.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Manage your operations and business logistics with our logistics solutions, that completely manages the details of your processes, and gives you complete insights on different aspects of your business. We allow you to always have a bird eye’s view on your logistic operation to detect opportunities and challenges you need to overcome. This level of analytics and insights can never be done manually in a fast, accurate, and satisfying manner, so give it to our cutting-edge business intelligence solutions.

Financial Services

Avoid financial surprises and see the big picture of your business financial data. It is not just about seeing all the numbers, but most importantly about what story these numbers are telling?

icouna creates financial management systems to be your financial arm executer and consultant that provides you with analysis and predictions that helps you make the right business decisions.

Healthcare Providers

In a rapid changing medical world, you need to maintain competitive advantage supported with real-time analytics. icouna provides business intelligence solutions fueled with your market database. For example you may need a solution to manage medical representatives and manage visits and medicine distribution through an smart system that can manage, inform, and help make real-time actions.


icouna has a dedicated team to e-commerce solutions and platforms. From a small independent business to massive multi-national platforms we design, and implement a state of science platform, by applying data science concepts of business intelligence and the advanced concepts like predictive analysis. It is never about the tool of buying and selling operations because that is the easy part. While the complex part is to use the data sets and process it to create algorithms that analyses the past and present, and create mathematical equations that considers all variables and factors to  provide accurate predictions for the future trends of your business and your industry in general.


Education is a universal main value, and in icouna we care more about education as we believe that spreading knowledge is what builds a better future for the world that we are part of. We provide intelligent systems for educations entities, like school, universities, courses centers, etc. For example, a school might need an online system to manage parent-teacher-student relationship, so we build a digital system that acts as a facilitator between all parties in a user-friendly manner, or maybe you want to build or improve an e-learning platform. Whatever you need in education our team can develop a solution for it.

Ticketing & Travel

We develop online ticketing systems for your business, to easily manage daily booking operation, with e-payment integration and customized features depending on your business needs.

Our ticketing systems are user-centric, friendly, and had smooth user experience to manage, edit, and delete bookings and manage payments & refunds. We also include real-time trip tracking and GPS integration to make the system fully functional that needs minimal human interaction and support.


Lifestyle businesses is mainly about understanding your customer, and be aware of the new trends in your industry. It’s a very fast moving race and our business intelligence solution in this area considers the fast moving pace of the business to always keeps you ahead in competition, and we also take care of customer behavior with using appealing customer experience and visuals to ensure smooth management of your business coupled with customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics

The most advance

Predictive analytics solutions help businesses analyze the entire customer lifecycle and devise better marketing strategies for better customer service.

… Moreover, executives can study various factors affecting business operations and analyze them for patterns/trends, impact.